2cases filed in Kuwait over detention of Gitmo

16 July, 2012

Published: Arab Times

Attorney Adel Abdulhadi, lawyer for Fayiz Al-Kandari – one of the Kuwaitis detained at Guantanamo Bay Prison, on Sunday filed cases against Kuwait’s Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance, Director of Kuwait State Security and the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States of America, for causing physical and psychological harm to his client and for wasting public funds.

In a statement to the Arab Times, Abdulhadi revealed he had filed the cases on behalf of his client who allegedly suffered injuries and psychological problems after the visit of the Kuwaiti security delegation to Guanta-namo.  He also holds the Kuwaiti government resp-onsible for the unreasonable and inexcusable wastage of public funds under the pretext of using these monies to secure the release of Al-Kandari.  He said his client granted him and his law firm a Power of Attorney on June 9, 2012 and instructed him to file two cases against the Kuwaiti government.

Abdulhadi explained the Kuwaiti government had earlier sent a security delegation to Guantanamo to look into the condition of the Kuwaiti detainees.  “During the visit, the Kuwaiti security delegation questioned the detainees and they were also privy to the interviews conducted by the US security and intelligence agents, yet the Kuwaiti government has not taken any action against the gross mistreatment and torture of the detainees.

The Kuwaiti government also failed to promptly demand an undertaking from its US counterpart to refrain from subjecting the detainees to torture and to treat them in accordance with the international human rights principles as stated in international treaties and conventions.  This is tantamount to complicity in torturing the detainees, considering the delegation was aware of the use of torture in questioning the Kuwaiti detainees but they have opted to turn a blind eye.  Therefore, Al-Kandari holds the Kuwaiti government responsible for his unlawful detention, mistreatment and torture over the last 10 years as it has ignored the unfair and inhumane treatment he received in the hands of the US security and intelligence agents,” he added.

On the alleged wastage of public funds, Abdulhadi said many governments, including that of Kuwait, have appointed civilian lawyers to represent their nationals who were arrested and detained after the 9/11 attacks.  He pointed out most of the civilian lawyers worked pro bono, except those appointed by the Kuwaiti government as they were paid huge amounts.  He raised doubts on the public funds allocated for securing the release of the Kuwaiti detainees due to the alleged failure of the concerned government officials to disburse the funds through legal channels.

He also accused these officials of failure to perform their duties as protectors of public funds.