Statement of Lawyer Adel Abdulhadi in respect of Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)

6 October, 2016

Today, I addressed letters to the majority and minority leaders of the US Senate and the US House of representatives, to the sponsors of JASTA, and other Senators who have raised the concerns regarding JASTA potential unintended consequences. I referred in these letters to the fact that JASTA is in breach to the principles of international law, particularly sovereign immunity, while international law existed to govern the affairs of international community and relationships between countries. This law cannot be disregarded unilaterally not even by the most power nation in the world. The implication of this act are undesirable, not only for the US but for the international community as a whole in the event that other countries sought to follow suit and enact similar laws. It is already evident that certain countries revealed their intention to do so.

JASTA does not correspond with the international efforts to attain stability, peace and international collaboration. I therefore urged congressmen/congresswomen to intervene vigorously to revoke JASTA being the most adequate solution and in compliance with the rules and principles of the international law, otherwise to amend it in compliance with the international law and I proposed a certain amendment to JASTA in this respect.

                                                                         Lawyer Adel Abdulhadi