There is always a reason – by Adel Abdulhadi

23 April, 2020

Since the beginning of time, humankind has been fighting for the domination of living sources and for economic control. Small invasions and major wars are the product of these ambitions.

This is the survival and self-preservation instinct.

The good reader is the person who extract conclusions from the outcome of these experiences, and the avid follower traces, from the previous events, a future approach.

The traditional wars, that occurred before writing this article, has gone to no return. A new era has begun.

If the imagination is unleashed, it opens the way to the unconscious world where awareness fades, and principles and customs are no longer a limit.

The persons, who have been following closely the events since January 2020, would have noticed what has been happening pursuant to the outbreak of Coronavirus – Covid 19 – pandemic from Wuhan, the famous spot in great China. This virus has spread in a striking contagious manner, although its symptoms are similar to the simplest flu that affects millions in the world yearly and causes the death of thousands of people, while it is been mostly dealt with in an ordinary manner.

This rapid development of the effects of Coronavirus, the sequence of events, the spotlight allocated to it, due to its swift spread and escalating number of infections have attracted my attention and attention of others.

We observe that with the Coronavirus outbreak, the concern of the nations was focused on developing precautionary measures since January 2020 until March 1: suspending schools and universities, stopping work in public and private institutions, suspending air travel and closure of airports, purchase of medicines and medical equipment, preserving a strategic food stock. All these precautionary measures have been taken gradually but in acceleration. It is also noticeable that the nations have become affected by the contagion of precautionary procedures and measures.

All this dramatic jostle made me further realize that, starting and ending wars and creating economical and political crises, cannot be dissociated from the shadow ‘enlightened’ government that leads the world, and that does not acknowledge the so- called coincidence.

Its plans are excessive and what is going on in the mind of its members, for the control of the world, is scary. These members are the party that determines the centers of power, the smooth flow of money and the strategy that controls and moves the world.  They rely on a strict surveillance strength that has been put in place throughout several stages of time. This has enabled them to implement the first real experience that has long been their wild dream and ambition. They have published novels, produced movies about it, and created songs rejoicing and spreading their thoughts. All of this in preparation for the final rehearsal that will launch the great implementation of the plan.

I have previously pointed out that they do not believe in coincidence.

So, the disease started in China, assistance was provided to spread it, a huge media machine, that they own, was allocated to dramatize the event and create a wave of fear among people. They controlled the nations by giving them appropriate but late instruction, through institutions and organizations they control. Such instructions were imposed on nations that are not used to close their air and land borders or put restrictions on the freedom of movement, by   using the idea of social distancing to reduce the extent of the infection and pandemic. They introduced specific measures to open specialized hospitals and  purchase equipment, suspend education, evacuate the nationals of countries to try to save people, while thousands or millions of them will die inevitably. All these measures have been accompanied by an increased loss in the oil prices to unprecedented levels, with a drastic drop of the most of stock exchanges and financial markets in the world.

With these events, there is a serious promotion to the lack of treatment or vaccine, and broadcasted news that finding a treatment will take months, a year or years, and while there are available medications, but using them does not lead to positive results in light of the increasing number of injuries and deaths.

As I have previously mentioned, starting wars in all their different forms aims to achieve economic gains and goals.

So, what are the goals of the ‘enlightened’ that control the decision-making centers in the world? Quite simply, frightening people and confusing the nations that are feeling helpless in these times.

In this world, there are producing countries, consuming countries and countries that are only labelled as ATM to withdraw money of them.

Pursuant to abiding by the recommendations of the shadow government and its various organizations, the panic and chaos will prevail in all nations and they will be compelled to mobilize their human and financial capacities to face it.

Then, those organizations will request the countries to pay amounts, arising up to trillions of dollars ,to try to find a cure for such pandemic, which I doubt it is not available already.

At this point specifically and with the increase of the level of panic and fear, the international media focuses the news on the inability to control the virus and that it is surpassing its calculated course. This will create more chaos, dissatisfaction and fear.  People will be further frightened by the collapse of financial centers, poverty, crime, and the feeling of being lost. As a result, the industries will exert their efforts to find the vaccine and proper medical equipment.

Before I continue stating the reasons, there is another goal for the enlightened. Such goal is the need to preserve the earth and its environment from the danger of exhaust, factories, airplanes, and cars fumes and other environmental risks caused by humans. Therefore, this earth and its atmosphere must be protected for a less risky future, where strong and technical productive people live on it, capable of assiduous work. Consequently, they have no problem with reducing the world population by (20%), specially the elderly and the sick.

Back to the reasons, let’s ask ourselves who is the largest creditor in the world and owns US Treasury bonds?!

It is the People’s Republic of China, which is in possession of bonds worth more than 1.1 Trillion dollars and is the cause of the spread of this pandemic, or at least is surrounded by suspicion of keeping silent and not telling the world of the risks and breadth of the virus, in addition to improper intervention by health organizations.

Given that the shadow government dominating the world, will not allow any entity, whatever its weight, to control or upset the stability of the financial powers owned by it, it is capable of taking any action even if this leads to creating a war or wars where thousands or millions of people lives die.

The recent conflict between China and the United States of America came as an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of that government’s plan as a true experiment.

With the identification of more coronavirus cases and the lack of medically equipped units for the escalating number of cases, the toll of deaths increases and the military forces are compelled to enter in action to keep the order in their countries following the rise of  panic among the people due to the shortage of food and medical equipment;

With the media over scrutinizing the ways of Coronavirus infection and treatment methods; and the frontline persons, mainly doctors and nurses, being infected, the panic escalates;

With suspension of work in private and public institutions for protection of humans from infection, and everyone’s preoccupation with fear and social distancing, financial crises will rise, so will the inability of banks to provide swift financing to face the deteriorating situation;

With unemployment levels rising, chaos in societies rises;

With poor countries urged and encouraged to borrow from rich countries;

With sharp drop in oil prices, promotion of the idea of ​​ banning movement between countries, lack of transportation and shortage of food stocks, more chaos is induced;

All of the above have a financial price.

It is noticeable that all these restrictions spread panic and more of it, to the point where all the nations, that have suffered fatalities and economic losses, experienced chaos, escalation of crimes, drugs, depression and other damages, would hold China responsible for all of it. China that delayed the notification of the wide and rapid spread of such virus; and inevitably, WHO will be accused of direct or indirect collusion with China, given its inability to monitor the pandemic early.

Consequently, all these countries, even international companies and affected individuals, will file local and international claims demanding huge amounts of compensation against China and the World Health Organization.

Finally, in my opinion, this pandemic will not end until everyone feels the fear and panic. At that time, the “vaccine” will become available.


Adel Abdulhadi